About Social Venture Crowd

Social Venture Crowd is a crowdfunding platform empowering people to resolve social and environmental issues.

Crowdfunding is that entrepreneurs and activists raise funds from the general public through the Internet. It is a combination of the words for “crowd” and “funding”.

Social Venture Crowd is supporting various projects which contribute socially and environmentally, such as nature conservation, renewable energy, recycle, agriculture, forestry, fishery, education, child-support, community development, social service, medical care, support for the disabled and homeless, assist developing countries, fair trade, poverty alleviation, and conflict resolution.

Four things to know about Social Venture Crowd:

1. Specializing in social and environmental projects

By comprehensively connecting activists who challenge resolution of social and environmental issues, supporters, and local community in the platform, we enhance the awareness of the issues, facilitate the problem-solving, and contribute sustainable development of the world.

2. Visualizing the projects execution

Projects do not finish only after fundraising. After or during fundraising, projects execute to achieve their goals. Visualizing the projects execution fosters mutual understanding between activists, supporters, and local community and facilitate the projects to get bigger outcome.

3. You can support and start projects as an organization

Not only as an individual, but also as an organization, you can support and start projects in Social Venture Crowd.

4. Multilingual and cross-border platform

The platform is multilingual (as of now, English and Japanese) and cross-border. You can promote your project not only in your country, but also in foreign countries. It is good opportunity for you to spread your project worldwide at a time.