Start a Project

Social Venture Crowd backs up your project tackling social and environmental issues.

The crowdfunding Social Venture Crowd provides has two phases;

  • Funding phase: raising funds necessary for the project achievement.
  • Executing phase: executing the project to achieve the goal and making updates.

In some cases, executing starts before the end of raising funds.

There are five steps from starting a project to succeeding the funding.

Funding phase

1. Apply for a project

After login with Facebook to the website, send us the information as shown below on the Contact page.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company (It is required if you start a project as an organization.)
  • Select ‘Project Submission’ in the Inquiry Category field.
  • Brief summary (Write clearly when, who, where, what, how to do the project.)

We will reply you in 3 business days.

Feel free to contact us even if you don’t know how to do for the project but you are interested in crowdfunding.

2. Review the application

We review your application of the project. We may ask you about the details of your project. If you pass through our review, we will send you entry sheets for detailed information about the project.

3. Prepare to post the project

You fill in the entry sheets sent by us and send them back to us. We will give you some feedback to help you to get success in project funding.

4. Roll out the project

The project will be rolled out and start the funding after we confirm that there is no problem in your project information.

5. Success of the project

If the project get success, 85% of the total amount of funded will be paid to the bank account you designated. 15% of the total amount of funded will be charged as a commission of Social Venture Crowd.

Executing phase

Only the funding is not the objective. Execute your project to achieve the project goals you set beforehand. Report the project updates on a periodic basis for your project supporters.

After you get prepared for rewards, send the supporters the reward they designated.

Start Your Project